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What is Prana?

Prana in Sanskrit means, "life-force". This vital energy helps the body to maintain good
health. Prana is known as 'Pneuma' in Greek, 'Mana' in Polynesian, 'Ki' in Japanese, 'Chi' in Chinese, 'Rua' in Hebrew.


Prana is in abundance, all around us. This life-force energy is drawn from the sun, air and ground to heal physical ailments and emotional imbalances.

Sources of Prana

Sun Prana
Sun: - The Prana absorbed from the sun is called solar Prana. This energy can be acquired by taking sunbaths and
drinking water exposed to the sun.

Air: - The Prana absorbed from air is called ozone Prana. This energy can be acquired through deep slow rhythmic breathing and through the chakras.

Earth: - The Prana from the Earth is called ground Prana. This energy is absorbed from the ground through the soles of the feet.

Divine Prana: - This Prana is absorbed into the body through deep
meditation and fervent prayer. We receive this energy from the divine.

What is Pranic Healing?

The essence of Pranic healing deals with the transfer of fresh rejuvenating Prana to the patient through a set of techniques, that does not require physical contact (touch) or the use of drugs and gadgets. Essentially, the healer works on the energy field of the patient. It is based on the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself.

It is known instinctively by all that the air in certain places has a greater amount of "something" that vitalises and brings health to sick people. Doctors advise the sick to seek "fresh air" away from "industrial areas" which acts as a tonic to the body and mind. The "fresh air" is beneficially as it is fully charged with life-force prana.
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