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Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S., Certified Adolescent Health Counselor, Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist, 22, Alagesan Road, Saibaba Mission Post, Coimbatore - 641 011. Tamil Nadu - India Phone: 0422 - 2449934, 0422- 4385110 moblie-7708485038. e mail ID

Pranic healing for infertile couple.
Infertility is the major issue for the healthy adult population.
Investigation,artificial insemination,IUI,ICCI,test tube baby ,PCOD,ovarian cyst,tubal block,endometrial thickening,hormonal imbalance are some of the terms threatening these couple.

We find in our aura lab that the couple lack in their energy pattern and donot know correct sexual practices.
If theyy are helped with the above issues as we do in our clinic by
  1. Counselling correct sexual methods.
  2. Find out the energy pattern.
  3. Aura study for both men and women.
  4. Pranic healing to correct hormonal imbalance
  5. Chakra correcting therapies and exercises.
  6. Improvement of semen profile.
By implementing such methods we are giving a high success rate for infertility.

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