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Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S., Certified Adolescent Health Counselor, Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist, 22, Alagesan Road, Saibaba Mission Post, Coimbatore - 641 011. Tamil Nadu - India Phone: 0422 - 2449934, 0422- 4385110 moblie-7708485038. e mail ID

Mrs.Revathy Shankaran

Healing the Prana or energy is so natural that unconsciously people here always used it in our domestic life.GMCKS Pranic healing is a structured and effective technique to heal our energy.


Padmashri Professor Sudharani Raghupathy

“Prana is an invisible,powerfly energy that sustains life even our ancient Vedas has acknowledged Prana a source of life.GMCKS has taught us how to balance prana for overall good health.

Surya (Actor)

My mother does “dhristi” for me when ever Iam sick this is nothing but purifying and protecting our energy body.

What master CHOA KOK SUI has given to us in the form of pranic healing is superb and helps to keep us fit mentally and physically I practice pranic healing and I have benefited immensely.I encourage you to learn the technique for your own good.

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