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Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S., Certified Adolescent Health Counselor, Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist, 22, Alagesan Road, Saibaba Mission Post, Coimbatore - 641 011. Tamil Nadu - India Phone: 0422 - 2449934, 0422- 4385110 moblie-7708485038. e mail ID
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Basic Pranic Healing
In PRANIC HEALING Level 1, you learn the
basics of working with your
energy aura,
including learning to “scan,” or
feel the energy, to “sweep,” or clean away congested energy,
and to “energize,” or
supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic (energy) deficiency.

Learn to feel...
You begin by learning to activate the energy centers, or “chakras,” in the center of your hands.

Learn to touch...
This enables you to become sensitive to prana and scan a person’s - or your own - energy field to identify blockages and then cleanse, energize and revitalize the area with new prana.

Learn to Interpret...
Other Topics Covered:

Anatomy of the Energy Body:
You will learn about the charkas, meridians and auras and how to work with them to accelerate the healing process of your body.

Learn to admire...
Self Pranic Healing:
You will learn how to treat your own energy body and chakras to achieve good health and avoid fatigue and stress in your life.

Practical Sessions:

Learn to enjoy...

During the weekend we have alot of practice sessions to give you the experience of working on the energy body and also receiving pranic healing, this helps to put the teaching into practice from day one and gives you confidence to treat your family and friend after the workshops.

Pranic Breathing:
Learn how to recharge your energy body with vitality and peace.

Distant Pranic Healing:
Learn how to project energy at a distant so you can treat family and friends where ever they are.

Twin Hearts Meditation:
You wil learn an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness.

It is also an instrument of world and community service that eventually harmonizes the earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy and goodwill. And much much more....


Learn and practice simple instructions of GMCKS...

Advanced Pranic Healing

This is the next level after Basic Pranic Healing. Learn faster and even more effective healing techniques by using color pranas. Learn to tap into sources of various colors and learn safe techniques and methods using color prana to produce rapid healing.

Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic Psychotherapy ….is Pranic Healing applied in the treatment of psychological disorders. In other words, when a person has stress and anxiety, or has problems with depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other psychological illnesses,

Pranic Crystal Healing

Enhance your healing with crystals. Learn techniques on how to program (and de-program) for healing. Also, learn how to use crystals or gems for psychic self-defense and how to strengthen your energy system.

Psychic Self Defense

A revolutionary set of advanced techniques to create energy shields to shield oneself and loved ones against physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and occult attacks whether deliberate or unconscious. This workshop is a must for energy and light workers and people who work in stressfull environments. More importantly, it discusses how not to attack and be attacked psychically utilizing the universal principles of harmony and loving-kindness and the understanding of the law of karma to make permanent shields.

Arhatic Yoga

Arhatic Yoga is referred to as the “yoga of synthesis” — spiritual training synthesizing and integrating all yogas into one system. It is a modern version of dealing with powerful ancient techniques that systematically activates the chakras and awakens the “sacred fires” safely to a higher degree in order to achieve glimpses of illumination and expansion of consciousness.

It is not only a path of the intellect, will, power, and the heart, but also a path of applied service and love.

Soul Realization

This presentation is open to the general public and there are no prerequisites to attend, except for a desire to learn how to connect to the Soul. The teachings shared during Meditation for Soul Realization have been kept secret for centuries and had been given only to inner disciples in ancient schools. The Grand Master believes that people are ready to make a major shift in consciousness and ought to be given techniques to experience Divine Bliss, love and light and be able to do so in a few years rather than after many lifetimes! The techniques given out during this meditation assist the mediator in accelerating union between the incarnated soul (the personality) with the Higher Self (the Ego or Higher Soul).

The student will discover the nature of the Soul and its journey through timeless reincarnations. Knowledge is shared about the existence of permanent seeds in the energy body and how these influence physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. They are equivalent to energetic DNA recorders, which influence the formation of our subtle bodies.

This meditation accelerates the process of developing the spiritual bridge or antahkharana, which connects the incarnated Soul to the Higher Self. With regular meditation on the Soul the information passing from the Higher Soul to the incarnated soul is greatly facilitated. As a consequence, the abstract mind is vivified and potentised, the intuitive faculties are enhanced and inner stillness, bliss, expansion of consciousness, self worth, self confidence and awareness of one's place in the Universe and Oneness with all is sustained.
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