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Pranic healing for learning diability.
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Pranic healing for children's diseases.
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Pranic healing for undiagnosed diseases of children.
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Pranic healing for all Allergy and Asthma patients.
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Aura of man in sickness

Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S., Certified Adolescent Health Counselor, Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist, 22, Alagesan Road, Saibaba Mission Post, Coimbatore - 641 011. Tamil Nadu - India Phone: 0422 - 2449934, 0422- 4385110 moblie-7708485038. e mail ID

Pranic healing for children's diseases.

Anemia ,Asthma, Autism,Bronchiolitis,Candidiasis ("Thrush"),Chagas disease
Chickenpox,Crou,Cystic Fibrosis,Cytomegalovirus (the virus most frequently transmitted before birth),dental caries,Diabetes(Type 1),Diphtheria, Downs syndrome
Duchenne muscular dystrophy,Fifth disease,Rickets,Congenital Heart Disease,Influenza,Leukemia,Measles,Meningitis,Molluscum contagiosum,Mumps
Nephrotic syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta(OI)
Polio,Protein energy malnutrition,Rheumatic fever,Roseola
,Rubella,Sever's disease,Tetanus, Tuberculosis,Whooping cough,Hepatitis A,Fever
Scarlet fever (Scarletina),ADD
ADHD,Mono Lyme Disease

We do Pranic healing for all the health
problems of children .
We diagnose the energy field disturbance using
GDV kirlian camera and RFI aura scanner.
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Pranic Healing