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Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S., Certified Adolescent Health Counselor, Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist, 22, Alagesan Road, Saibaba Mission Post, Coimbatore - 641 011. Tamil Nadu - India Phone: 0422 - 2449934, 0422- 4385110 moblie-7708485038. e mail ID

In July 1996, I had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called thrombocytosis. This ailment has many side effects, the most harmful being an extremely high platelet count of over a million, which could cause a heart attack or stroke. Some of the other side effects I experienced were extreme fatigue, heart palpitation, shortness of breath, bloating and swelling of my legs and ankles.

I was put on an experimental medication to bring down my platelet count. I spent three days in the hospital, undergoing tests to determine the cause of the ailment, including a bone marrow test for leukemia. There was no basis found for my illness.

After six months of dealing with oncologists, my platelet count was up and down and I felt horrible. I read about Stephen Co`s article in a woman`s magazine. He talked about healing a young woman who was blinded with almost the same blood disorder that I had. I called his office in California and found out that he would be in St. Louis on February 8 and 9, 1997 for a Pranic Healing Workshop. I had a strong feeling that I needed to go even though I had never heard of Pranic Healing and had no idea what to expect.

Before I had this illness, my life was filled with pain an anger. On Sunday, February 9, my life changed forever. I remember so vividly and so powerfully as though it was yesterday. The actual healing took close to an hour. I felt a tremendous force, a pulling going on inside my body for quite some time. Stephen took my hands and kept telling me to let go. Finally, I experienced a tremendous white light throughout my entire body, an illumination so powerful I felt as though I could have floated to the ceiling. It was incredible. I felt an immediate sense of well being and peace, gratitude, blessedness, and complete joy.

I was late leaving for the airport and almost missed my flight going back to Milwaukee. I literally had to run through the St. Louis airport to catch my plane. When I finally sat down, the tears began to flow because I realized that the fatigue had left me and I felt incredibly well. This feeling continued each day to get stronger and all of the symptoms of my blood disorder disappeared. On my first visit to my oncologist, my platelet count remained about the same. The next visit, it went down quite a bit, and on my last visit my count was within the normal range. I had also decreased my medication to half the original dosage. My doctor-was quite amazed. In addition, I just had my sixth-month visit to my dentist and he was also amazed because my diseased gum tissue was completely healed as well. Since then, I have read the Pranic Healing book, used all of the prayers in it, and I meditate with the Twin Hearts tape on a daily basis. I realize now that my blood disorder was a spiritual ailment brought on by my anger, resentment and negativity.

I have never felt better in my life, both physically and emotionally. I continue to grow in body, mind and spirit. I attended the Pranic Healing workshop for the second time and thanked Stephen Co for the gift that he has given me - a new life filled with love, joy, peace and well-being. I realized that since I have been given this blessed gift, I must now return it with love. He was able to free me of my pain and start my body on the healing process. I must also thank my Lord and Savior for, without Him, none of these blessings would have been possible.
OCCUPATION: Part-time Administrative Assistant
CASE: Thrombocytosis

My son is four years and four months old. During his entire life, he has been in diapers and has had very soft stools. I hardly ever could dump his stool from the diaper into the toilet because it was so soft. When he turned four in February of this year, I felt I needed to work on this issue because no preschool would take him in diapers, plus the fact that perhaps, something was wrong with his digestive tract. I had him muscle-tested by a naturopath and pranic healing came up very strongly as the modality to address this problem. (Muscle-testing involves asking nonverbally the client`s body what it needs for its benefit.)

After I had taken the introductory Pranic Healing course, about early April during the first session, Natalie worked on him for an hour and his first bowel movement after that was wonderfully firm. After four years of creamy stools, this felt like a miracle! She did distant healing later that week as well. His stools never totally regressed - unless his diet was not healthy that day - though they often were a mixture of soft on the outside with some firmness to them. In early June, Natalie worked on him once in person and once distantly, still focusing on the quality of the stool. In mid-June, I told her that the stool was consistently firm enough that he should be able to tell us he has to go to the toilet.

I felt he needed pranic psychotherapy as well. There were two issues that needed addressing: One, he refused to wear big boy underpants and, two he never initiated going to the toilet for either pee (to urinate) or poop (to move the bowels). When asked if he was big boy or a baby, he usually answered "baby". There was a big part of him that did not want to grow up.

Natalie did pranic healing on him twice that week. Two days after his last session, he asked to be in big boy pants and has never worn diapers since. However, if we ask him to go pee in the toilet, he reluctantly will but refuses to go poop in there. Also, if we forget to have him pee and he starts to pee on the floor, he cannot stop himself and empties his bladder where he stands.

Ten days after Jimmy`s last session with Natalie, Stephen Co did pranic healing on him. Later that day, Jimmy started to pee twice in his big boy pants but stopped himself and asked to be put on the toilet to finish. The next day, he had not wet his bed as usual. At lunch, he ran to my daughter and said, "Poo-poo." Thinking he had pooped in his pants as usual, she said, "Oh no!" Jimmy shook his head and she realized that he wanted to use the toilet to go poop. He had his first bowel movement in the toilet and it was initiated by him. A double win!

CASE: Soft Stools; Bladder Incontinence
On January 14. 1997, while I was standing at a bus stop, l was hit by a car that had lost control after it had hit another car. My injuries included multiple lacerations, subcutaneous swelling on the right leg and foot, and a broken fibula.

Going through the crutch, cane and limping stages in the course of five months, I gradually regained the ability to do basic physical leg movements, except full knee bends and squats.

On June 15, GM did a special pranic healing session on my right leg and foot. Immediately after that, I was able to bend my knee to a full squat. My physical activities involving the affected leg are now back to normal.

OCCUPATION: Pianist/Director of Finance
CASE: Leg Injury due to Accident

DARA SONIA FILIPOF Karina Gonzalez, a 22-year old student, had scoliosis. For 12 years, she had been suffering so much pain that she found it difficult to sleep. Her family took her to different alternative therapies, but the only course of action given was a surgery in which a bar of metal would be implanted in her vertebral column to straighten her spine.

When she came to consult me, nobody could touch her back because it was so sensitive and painful. I applied pranic healing and the pain diminished by 80%. After 12 sessions, she could sleep and go to the gym. The improvement is dramatic and she`s undergoing regular pranic treatment.

OCCUPATION: Acupuncturist and Pranic Healer
CASE: Scoliosis

Petra Wolftaler, a 12-year old schoolgirl, could not move her head for half a year because the nerve in the neck area was pinched. After just one 30-minute pranic treatment, the problem was completely gone and the patient could already move her head as if she never had the ailment.

OCCUPATION: Pranic Healer
CASE: Stiff Neck
Having suffered a neurologic disorder that affected my face, mouth and throat, with cramps around the eyes, I sought pranic treatment. There was no big change during the first two treatments. After a break of four weeks, two more pranic treatments followed. I felt a notable change around the mouth. It felt relaxed and, although I had a very stressful period at work, my energy increased remarkably.

Now I feel almost completely recovered with only a slight tension in the throat every now and then. I have also regained my joy for life.

CASE: Neurologic Disorder

In January 1996, my daughter Camilla, who at that time was two and a half years old, had a skin disease diagnosed as impetigo. Her body was full of eruptions, which, according to the pediatrician, were as painful as second-degree burns. Camilla became a very restless and aggressive kid. For almost a month, I tried homeopathic and allopathic treatments but none of them solved the problem. I decided to try pranic healing. After two sessions of cleansing and energizing by Araci, the skin eruptions regressed, declining progressively and making Camilla`s behavior normal again.

CASE: Impetigo

In 1988, a horse kicked me on the face, injuring my chin and jaw in the process. My teeth were torn away together with my gums.

I went to the Hospital da Face where my chin was recomposed. Steel threads were used to join the bones. After some years, these steel threads became oxidized and rusted, resulting in a strong inflammation. Doctors advised the removal of the threads.

On April 19, Mrs. Leia Jordao, a pranic healer, begun to treat me. After 45 days the inflammation disappeared completely.
CASE: Horse-kicking accident
Cristiani Magalhaes Costa, a 32-year old psychologist, was diagnosed with urinary tract infection in October 1996. Her medical doctor prescribed allopathic medicines, but the infection did not subside. The patient had a strong headache and felt dizzy, and also had kidney and abdominal pains. She told the doctor about her reactions to the medication and how she felt her condition was getting worse. The doctor told her to stop one of the medicines but the other treatment she had to continue.

The patient got worse for the next two days and started vomiting excessively, making her very weak. She had to go twice to the hospital for administration of glucose. Back home, she could neither eat nor get out of bed. The strong pain persisted.

Her mother called me up. When I went to the patient`s house on a Friday evening, I applied advanced pranic healing for about 45 minutes. At the end of the session, she felt better and got out of bed with no sign of pain.

The following Sunday, I did another healing on her upon her request. The result of the second session was excellent. The pain and the infection disappeared and she felt good. She was completely cured.

OCCUPATION: Pranic Healing Therapist
CASE: Urinary Tract Infection; Allergic Reaction to Medicines
When I retired in 1991,1 looked forward to an active life on what had been our summer property. I enjoyed clearing the land of dead trees, sawing and chopping them up for firewood. I also looked forward to hiking in the surrounding hills. Unfortunately in October 1995, by the time I was 69,1 had pulled a tendon behind my left knee and had to stop hiking. The anti-inflammatory drug prescribed by my doctor gave me no relief. But a month of pranic healing treatments by Dorothea Vickery brought a remission of symptoms. I have hiked pain-free for the past 18 months.

When I developed carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand, I feared I would no longer be able to chop firewood, especially when my doctor told me that there was no cure for it. After a couple of months of pranic healing by Dorothea, the symptoms were gone. When they return in a mild form, following strenuous exercise, the symptoms disappear within two days of rest without re-treatment. I am now clearing trees on our extensive property and sawing wood.

Dorothea`s treatment of a bout of hemorrhoids this past spring was nothing short of magical. After the first treatment, I was 100 percent cured! Had two follow-up treatments and had no reappearance of symptoms since then. This had never been my experience with hemorrhoids in the past.

OCCUPATION: Retired University Professor
CASE: Left knee/shin-tendon pulled; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Hemorrhoids

The patient, Emesto Gatchalian of Ontario, Canada, was suffering from shingles, a viral disease medically known as herpes zoster. The disease affected the left side of his body. His prostate was also inflamed and this made it impossible for him to urinate for three days. After pranic treatment, the body pains disappeared and urination was normalized.

The healer also found out that the patient had been suffering from psoriasis for 30 years. The patient had tried prescribed creams and pills, which had several side effects on the blood, but none of the medications were successful.

Psoriasis was heavy on the arms and legs. As an experiment, pranic healing was done for three days on the arms but not on the legs. A daily salt-apple cider vinegar bath was also recommended. The skin on the arms had become smooth with no trace of psoriasis. The legs, however, were still affected with the skin disease. Pranic healing will also be applied. Meanwhile, the patient has taken the course.

OCCUPATION: Pranic Healer
CASE: Herpes Zoster and Psoriasis

1. Herpes Zoster:
When I arrived to do pranic healing on Maria Hulme, a 50-year old medical secretary, I was very concerned because the area around her eyes was a reddish-purple color and there were sores under the eyelids. I knew that shingles (Herpes Zoster) around the eyes were extremely dangerous, possibly causing blindness. The left side of her body from the armpit to the waist and around the navel was raw flesh and very painful. While working on the affected areas, the patient indicated that the pain had subsided. Upon completion of the first treatment, I went back to scan it and happened to glance up at her eyes. I was astounded! The reddishpurple color from under the eyes had disappeared and so had the sores. The patient quickly went to the mirror. When she came back she was in awe, saying, "This is amazing. The sores have disappeared as well as the discoloration".

The next day, the patient indicated that the sores on her body had turned from the red rawness to a healed over-pinky color. After the third treatment, the patient`s energy level had returned. She is very grateful for the success of pranic healing.

2. Right-Hip Pain Due to a Fall:
A year ago, Jean Finch, an 83-year old caregiver to a 105-year old mother until last fall, had fallen down a set of cement stairs and had badly hurt her head as well as the right side of her body expecially the back and hip area. Hip replacement was recommended and surgery was set for August 8, 1997.

Apparently, the patient was not thrilled about the operation so she inquired about other possibilities. Her reflexologist, who had been working on her feet once a week but was unable to get the pain to subside suggested that I might be able to help her.

She was in severe pain when I arrived. She was limping as she tried to use a walker to assist her. After the first treatment, she was astounded that the leg and hip area was free of pain. "I can`t believe this pain has gone!" she exclaimed.

After eight treatments, the patient was walking freely with little pain. She cancelled her operation because she felt so much better. Now, she works in the garden, does her own washing and ironing and hopes to be able to scrub the floors. It`s wonderful to see the sparkle in her eyes. Thanks to pranic healing.
OCCUPATION: Retired (Teacher/Counsellor for 35 years)
CASE: I. Herpes Zoster, 2. Right-Hip Pain Due to a Fall.

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